Abledata (

Information about assistive technology products and rehabilitation equipment.

Accessible University 2.0 (

This site demonstrates a web page with numerous problems, documents all of the issues, and then shows a corrected version. Accessible University 2.0. The National Assistive Technology Technical Assistance Partnership (NATTAP) has a listing of all Tech Act Programs in the USA.

Alliance for Technology Access (

Information and support services to children and adults with disabilities.

Apple/Mac (

Built-in Assistive Technology

Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC) (

Center for Applied Special Technology (

Clickspeak (

Free Text-to-Speech WebPage Reader to read text out loud Closing the Gap (

Assistive technology strategies and solutions.

South Carolina Assistive Technology Program (SCATP) (

A federally funded program concerned with getting technology into the hands of people with disabilities so that they might live, work, learn and be a more independent part of the community. As part of a national network of technology-related assistance programs, SCATP’s goal is to enhance independence, productivity and quality of life for all South Carolinians through access to assistive technology devices and services. SCATP provides an equipment loan and demonstration program, an on-line equipment exchange program, training, technical assistance, publications, an interactive CDROM (SC Curriculum Access through AT), an information listserv and work with various state committees that affect AT acquisition and IT accessibility. They link people with technology and work with consumers, service providers, state agencies and policy makers.

Microsoft (

Built-in Assistive Technology

Microsoft Reader (

Free software to download books

MyStudyBar (

A tool which helps overcome problems that students commonly experience with studying, reading and writing.

Natural Readers (

For Macs or PCs. Free download with upgrade to paid version.

Readplease (

Text-to-speech software for Windows based systems.

Text-to-speech software for Windows based systems. The Center for Universal Design in Education (

Web Toolboxes: Free Tools (

“…free tools or downloads that can assist teachers [or parents] to meet the needs of all students.”

WebAIM (

A highly respected resource in all areas of accessible web design. Their site has many tutorials and articles, as well as an e-mail discussion group. Includes a section on “Additional Considerations for Users with Reading Disorders and Cognitive Disabilities.”

Wordtalk (

“A free Windows text-to-speech plugin for Microsoft Word.”